Digital Floral Paintings


When I first started to explore painting software I approached it the same as I would in a natural studio. I depend on a sort of free flow of colors and shapes and then begin refining them. Painting with software was a whole new world of more colors, the ability to change from one medium to another within the same painting, and much more.

At the same time, I happened on a local orchid exhibit where I began seeing my shapes alive in these creature-like flowers. It didn’t take long to start working with them as the subject of my digital paintings. The result being an up close abstraction of plants that were by their nature abstract and almost unreal.

The galleries within this website are about Orchids and have expanded to some of my favorite backyard flowers to include Iris and Peonies. I record a “photo sessions” with these flowers and find them to be very much “live models.”  I find a connection to some of the abstract element I have captured and then distill them down until I find the composition for a painting. The result is a hyper-real abstract perspective of my subjects.

I am comfortable in abstracting from nature. My website of abstract figurative paintings are examples of work done on my tablet and some of my original color studies of organic shapes.






























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