Jacque Rosenau first became acquainted with computers years ago and realized their potential for artists, she was on a mission to learn how to become computer literate.

“ I was on the Internet really early on back in the days when you didn’t need passwords for most websites.”  She enrolled in a digital art class at the University of Minnesota, Rosenau said. “It was so labor intensive, learning code to draw a sketch of a three-dimensional chair that I could do in minutes by hand”. She would have to keep an eye on the technology and wait for something more intuitive to paintng.

Later technology brought the high resolution Mac on the market, “I was wowed by the colors but the printer technology was nowhere near able to capture what was on the screen.”

It took years but computer technology finally caught up to to her and today Rosenau’s vision of supple and elegant oil paintings of flowers are  reproduced, not on canvas but aluminum. The print process is actually a new technology that infuses the color into the surface of the metal. And she doesn’t use a paint brush but a stylus pen and a digital paint palette. The result is a fine art oil painting, but it’s not in oils.

“I paint like any painter does,” Rosenau said. “I study the way light plays on the forms, and the intricacies of color. The difference is that I use a computer instead of a canvas and brushes.”